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Priori Advanced AHA Gentle Facial Cleanser 180ml/6oz

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A mild, weightless exfoliating cleanser Loaded with 13% LCA Complex (12% Lactic Compound + 1% MFAS) Helps gently eliminate makeup & daily residue With a pH 4.4 formula Perfect for all skin types, including the most sensitive one Skin appears supple, luminous & relieved

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Category Skincare
Brand Priori
Product Line Advanced AHA Cosmeceuticals - Cleanser
Size 180ml/6oz
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  • Anika06/12/2017

    Exfoliating is a vital part of a daily beauty regimen. Getting rid of dead cells is now made easy with the use of this very gentle facial cleanser. Aside from making your skin look smoother and feel softer, the use of this product can also help you to remove make up residues.

  • Mayjean03/04/2018

    This wash cleans gently and makes your face feel smoother. I have had black heads on my nose. I've used this cleanser 3 times, and they're almost completely gone. It is a thorough cleanser, but gentle on sensitive skin. It works well, my skin looks fresh and clean after I use it. I love this product. I will continue on using it.

  • JannyCLisbeth11/08/2018

    This is the only cleanser that I continuously buy again and again. It makes my face feel soft and I can definitely tell that I am getting a deep clean. And the best thing about it was that didn't break me out. The price is reasonable and one does not need to use very much. Lasts a really long time. After each use my skin feels tighter and my pores are noticeably smaller with several use. It gave my face a glow and smoother feel. I will keep using it since it works better than other cleansers.

  • Hayle B.21/09/2017

    I use this weekly to exfoliate my face and it doesn’t irritate my skin or leave it red liker other products do. I have a delicate skin that reacts to some product but this cleanser is very gentle. My face has cleared up greatly with the use of this. I got acne-free, smoother skin, and reduced bumps.

  • Marcie Lee27/09/2017

    This stuff is a great exfoliator. The exfoliants are pretty fine-grained, which I prefer. I can use around my eyes without worry. It leaves my face feeling fresh and clean, without any over drying, not irritating to my skin but it makes it look more toned. This is the best scrub for those little blackheads you get on your shoulders and back. It works great for treating and preventing breakouts on my back.

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