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MD Formulations Daily Peel Pads 40pads

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Convenient, weightless & deep cleaning peel pads Delicately & gradually removes rough, damaged skin cells Helps reveal a freshly new, youthful, healthy-looking skin Also prepares your skin to absorb vital moisture, vitamins & nutrients Recommends to resurface & refine your skin with this pads every day

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Category Skincare
Brand MD Formulations
Product Line Cleanser
Size 40pads
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  • Noreen07/04/2015

    I have pores on my nose that don't seem to want to clean. I used these pads every morning and it was cleared. It has also made a difference to my clogged pores around my chin, it definitely seems to get in there and clears them out better than anything else I've used. This also works great for back-acne as well. It was a little bit drying at first but that is because it was sloughing off all the dead skin. The result was cleaner and renewed skin.

  • RavenaMitchell03/08/2015

    I have dry aging skin with discolored spots and I needed something to exfoliate and reduce congestion. I went with the peel pads because I need something easy and does not require rinsing. I use this peel pads every other night and after a few uses I could see a noticeable change in the size of my pores and my complexion is more even and no more dry flakey spots. They do however leave my face sticky until it dries and although I can feel a little, tingling it definitely is working. I am happy with the result. I will repurchase.

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