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Facial Cleanser Cleanses & Exfoliates (Contains Glycolic Acid) color

MD Formulations Facial Cleanser Cleanses & Exfoliates (Contains Glycolic Acid) 250ml/8.3oz

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4.8 Stars | 5 Review(s)

A mild yet effective foam cleanser to clear skin Washes away daily residue, makeup, oil & impurities Contains Glycolic Compound to gently exfoliate surface skin cells Unveils a softer, smoother, healthier-looking skin Suitable for all skin types

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Category Skincare
Brand MD Formulations
Product Line Cleanser
Size 250ml/8.3oz
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  • Noreen06/10/2014

    Great product for cleansing your face. It removes make up, residue, oil and other skin impurities giving you a perfectly cleaned and refreshed face. It has cooling effect to skin making you feel great. It provides exfoliation removing dead skin cells and revealing a renewed, soft and smooth face.

  • Shayne02/12/2014

    I have combination skin and have been using this product and there is nothing better out there for removing ALL OF YOUR MAKEUP at once. When I'm done using this there is not a speck of makeup left on my face. Even with the heaviest eye makeup. Great for all skin types and very clean smelling. BUY IT!! You won't be sorry. Amazed at how gentle yet effective it is. Does not dry my face nor leave it greasy. I have recommended it to my friends.

  • Clara30/11/2014

    The product of choice when it comes to cleansing the face. Any make up or oily residues can be easily washed away with the use of this product. Additionally, women and men with different skin types can benefit from its use.

  • Hannah25/03/2015

    I use this daily in the morning and I find it works best if I leave the cleanser on my wet face for at least 30 seconds before I wash my face. After three days of continuous use I already can see results. I love the way it refreshed and cleansed my skin. I have tried products that dry out my oily T-zone but this one never dried out my skin nor caused irritation.

  • Lillydale200026/07/2015

    A gentle yet effective facial cleanser. I have an oily T zone and sensitive skin and a lot of other cleansers make me break out, but this cleanser is so gentle on the skin. It lathers so nicely, and is foamy yet creamy. My skin is always glowing after I use this foam cleanser, and feels so clean without irritating my face or making it dry. The condition of my skin improved drastically. leaves your skin clean and feeling soft with the tightness you can get with other cleansers.

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